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This year sucks.
How about some wintery cheer?

Open to sending Christmas/Holiday cards, postcards, or regular old snail mail letters. Leave me your name and address. This post will be screened. Or inbox me your stuff. 
If you want to send me anything, just let me know!

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Muse List

[personal profile] sweetsestra

Principality of Kiev Age: 7-9 (1283 AD-1321AD)

Stubborn, headstrong, and idealistic, young Kiev is a blend of street urchin, fallen princess, and a scared little girl forced to grow up too quickly.
While she yearns to rid the world of the Mongol Horde, her main priority is the safety and well being of her family and dreams of when she's older and is a beautiful, caring yet deadly ruler.

[personal profile] wildfields

Kiev Voivodeship age: 16-17 (1569AD-
1729 AD)

While she shares much of the same stubborn and idealistic views of her youth, Ruthenia has grown to be self-conscious and distrusting.
Cocky, smug, and very lonely, she has no qualms backstabbing any of her allies and pushing anyone's buttons to prove her worth.
Behind that, she's still Ukraine-- writing poetry, embroidering, tending to a small garden, and cooking too much food for those who need it.

[personal profile] kozatskohorodu

Ukraina Age: 24-26 (2007 AD- present

A young, overemotional man, Ukraine is somewhat easily forgettable behind his younger sister, Russia and best friend, Poland. Surprisingly, he hides a quick temper and will do anything possible if felt threatened, but for now, he is calm and happy.

While much of his days are spent in the fields, he loves knitting, making soup, and working on his car.
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